Other stuff to do and stuff.

If you're done here, the internet has plenty of other things you can poke your nose in. (But, you knew that!)

Read fiction:

SCP Foundation
I'm pretty sure almost everyone knows about this by now, but if you don't you should! It's a titanic archive of fictional documents, spanning just about all tones, themes, subjects, and levels of quality.

Slimy Stories by Slimebeast
Damn good surreal horror comedy shorts. I'm particularly fond of "BLEAM!" and "Sour Cola."

Unsettling Stories
Proper, unflinching body horror. Check out the "Runners" series, and anything involving radiation.

The "Search and Rescue" series might just be my favorite r/nosleep serial.

Instruction for a Help
Fantastic story told through fictional documents. Some people say the conclusion ("The View From Below") wrecks it, but I think it makes it, so don't miss it!

That Insidious Beast
Read "Instruction for a Help?" Can't get enough Zack Parsons? Start on this!

Dionaea House
In Internet Time, this is classic literature, and man does it hold up.

Ted's Caving Page
Another classic proto-creepypasta. Give it a spin!

Learn a Thing:

Become more informed. Laugh at tinhats. Enjoy goat jokes.

Exit Mundi
Ways the world could end, some more probable than others.

Wikipedia:Unusual articles
Don't blame me if you end up trapped all day.

WIPP Exhibit: Message to 12,000 AD
A slightly dense but comprehensive introduction to nuclear semiotics.

Possibly Funny:

Dinosaur Dracula!
Sort of like a blog, mostly like an ongoing celebration of all things trivial and awesome.

The Institute of Official Cheer
Laugh at Weird Old Stuff!

Retro Recipe Attempts
Been to the above site and wonder how some of that crap actually cooks up? You'll find this surprisingly informative!

Liartown USA
Laugh at Weird Fake Stuff!

I've had this thing spit out images more unironically inspirational than anything it's trying to parody.


Great Cartoonist's Utopia: B. Kliban
A great introduction to one of my favorite cartoonists on Earth, who inspired the name of my site!

If you liked the comics on the page above, there's plenty more here!

Em Caroll
Very painterly, very suspenseful, and absolutely gorgeous comics! Buy her book if you enjoy them!

The Art of J.R. Slattum
Very cool artist local-ish to me. I've bought prints directly from him at Portland Saturday Market, and likely will again!

A Softer World
Slightly cryptic photo comics.

Zdzislaw Beksinski
Page showcasing his dreamy and ominous artwork.


Poignant, bizarre, and often downright beautiful text-based games/interactive fiction.

Horse Master
More text-based strangeness. The last sentence of the finale still haunts me.

Nobody Here
Once you start clicking through this, it's hard to stop. A beautiful endless junk drawer of a website.

Feed the Head
Once you've muddled through this one, make sure you check out the rest of the Vectorpark site, too!

Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab
Tiny experimental games. Surprisingly fascinating. I like "Fugue," "Afterland," "Poikilia," "Symon," and "The Bridge" best.

Rafael Rozendaal
Simple, but creative and slightly mysterious single-serving websites. Kinda relaxing!

Hypnotic! Kick back and enjoy.

Headline Smasher
Generate random headlines by scrambling together actual headlines. Funnier than it has any right to be.

Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher
Argue with famouns philosophers from through the ages. (Hey, that's probably somebody's lifelong dream!)

A Dark Room
A fascinating adventure made with nothing but text and timers.

Good Stuff to Watch:

David Firth
His newer collage-style animations are the best, but the "Sock" and "Health Reminder" series are the most oddly interesting.

Trey the Explainer
Informative videos, mostly focused on fan theories and prehistoric animals.

Floris Kaayk
Great short films and some other projects. Don't miss "The Modular Body!"

Becky and Joe
They did "Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared" and also some other stuff.

Good Stuff to Hear:

Thinking Sideways
Listen to some people shooting the shit about unexplained mysteries! Great to have on if you're doing arts and crafts or something.

Welcome to Night Vale
Unfortunately, I'm not at all caught up, and I've heard it's depreciated a bit in quality over the years. But I can say for sure that the early stuff is fun!

Maple Creepypasta
My favorite creepypasta reader. Something about his delivery and soothing Canadian accent is very absorbing, and he reads a lot of above-average and less common stories. If you only listen to one thing, listen to "The Claverhouse Emails."

Undercooked Analysis
A bunch of dudes read, analyze, and shout about creepypasta. Sometimes while drunk. Extremely entertaining, if a bit loud for a quiet house.

John Congleton and the Nighty Nite
I'm not sure if John Congleton is my Most Favorite Active Musician, or just my Most Active Favorite Musician. Either way, he's incredibly talented and original. (If you like this, go check out his older stuff with The Paper Chase!)

Fandom Fun:

Texts From Miskatonic University
Hilarious "Texts From Last Night" clone riffing on Re-Animator and From Beyond. Some of these occasionally pop into my mind and force me to look them up again, but maybe I'm just easily amused...

Eastside Show SCP
By no means complete, but relatively comprehensive (considering!) archive of SCP entries in audio format. Efficiently discover new-to-you SCPs while you do projects/chores, and then laugh at anyone who tells you that you can't multitask!

Fantastic source of information about the Elder Scrolls universe. The game guides can come in handy, but the lore articles are where it really shines. I've known people who don't even play Elder Scrolls who love reading this wiki just because it's interesting!

The Imperial Library
Another Elder Scrolls lore database, but this one also picks up where UESP leaves off, with speculative fan essays and a collection of out-of-game lore provided by the developers. Don't miss Kirkbride's fascinating texts!


Ian's Shoelace Site
Neat resource for both fashion and practical reasons! I've been using the "Over Under Lacing" for all my shoes since the early 2010s. Truly life-changing.

The Emotionary
Surprisingly useful made-up words!

Freaky Freddie's Free Funhouse
One of the better "free stuff" sites. If you're as obsessed with mail as I am, you'll get way too into this.

Loom knitting is one of my favorite hobbies! If you learn how, it might become one of yours!

Free Macrame Patterns
Make great jewelry and other stuff! (If you ain't scared to look like a hippie, that is... :D)

I gotta admit... I debated which section to put this one in. It has info, it has jokes, it has creative writing... And, you know what? There's nothing more useful than a site like that!

Henna For Hair: Techniques
A guide to dyeing your hair with henna and indigo... Great if you want to have fun with your hair despite pigment allergies! (I've tested most of this myself, so I can confirm it works amazingly, even if I've switched to equally PPD-free Manic Panic colors for the last few years.)

Experience tells me that people can't really do "anything they put their mind to," (and that's okay!), but this site gives you the means, motive, and opportunity to try.

If you (like me) are bad with numbers, and (like me!) enjoy writing challenges with a restricted word count, this tool is a lifesaver!

Ask them about some half-remembered thing that's been bugging you, and they just might find it! Even if you don't have a question, browsing this subreddit is a great way to discover new-to-you things, from books to songs to short online films and beyond to anything youn can think of!

Amazon Mechanical Turk
Make yourself some walkin' around money! I've been working on this site off and on for several years now, and I can confirm not only that it's legit, but that, depending on what's on offer at any given time, you can make $20+ in a few days to a week if you knuckle down for an hour or two every evening. Gone and proved it for yourself? Then this next section's just for you...